ART as Therapy


Expressive Art is not just for Kids and Artists. Is for EVERYONE!

Art helps one to express, improve emotional well-being, enhance one’s creativity, stimulates one’s brain; work well especially for depression, battling with anxiety, stress and many more.

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Why Clay?

H and-on (sensory) clay; The participants get to feel, knead and mould the clay into desired shapes;

C onstant kneading and moulding of clay is not only good physical therapy but also boost blood circulation to hands, fingers and wrists;

By constant squeezing the clay, it releases tension and helps to relieve stress unknowingly and many more.

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Trainer's Profile

Psychology/Art Therapy/Clay Craft trained. Major in Counselling.

A member of Association of Psychotherapists & Counsellors Singapore;
  A member of Australian Counselling Association, Australia; and
A member of Deco Clay Craft Academy Japan & USA.
Certified Clay Craft Instructor from Deco Clay Craft Academy Japan & USA.